The StrormBlades are a group of “for hire” mercenary types that provide protection services to local merchants or farmers that need to get their goods to another city. Most of the StormBlades are ex-military types and they run their organization like an army.

There are StormBlade “offices” in multiple cities throughout most of the well populated provinces. They commonly share information among offices. You know StormBlades by their insignia:

Province Insignia
High Peak High peak storm blades
Noren Noren stormblades
Revenwood Revenwood storm blades
Rokfell Rokfell storm blades

Survivors of the Orc Wars from the Aegis garrison wear their insignia upside down to honor their fallen comrades. However, the rumors have it that they wear it upside down out of shame because they survived and their comrades perished.

Noren fallen storm blades

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