Shopping for Magic Items

Shops or Bazaars

If a PC wishes to purchase magic items from a shop or Bazaar, the DM will first determine if such a shop or Bazaar exists in the city or town the PC is in or wishes to travel to.


If such a shop does exist, the PC may select any item from any of the Essentials line of products no more than 1 level above his or her current level. For mundane items such as rope, adventurer’s gear, food stocks and such, the DM may simply agree the shop is stocked with those items. However, on other items the PC then rolls a d20 to “shop for the item”. If the roll is 10 or higher, the shop has what the PC is looking for in stock, 9 or below the shop does not have the item in stock.


If a PC wishes to haggle over the price of an item, then an automatic skill challenge begins. The level and complexity of which will be determined by the DM prior to the price negotiations beginning. (the PC may or may not be told the difficulty of the skill challenge) On a few rare occasions the skill challenge may end with the seller refusing to sell the item to the PC.

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Shopping for Magic Items

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