General Use

In the Against the gods campaign, Azaban’s past, as laid out in the History of Kazerun is problematic at best. Magic played a large not so good part of that past so in general, it is limited and very controlled.

Magic Wielders

With the destruction of the fanatical wizard cult “of the Chosen”, the use of magic became strictly controlled and monitored . In modern times it is limited to the elite few who are chosen to join prestigious universities. The chosen are the best of the best, “gifted” they are called and typically spend their entire lives living, training and studying at these universities. Very rarely will you find a wielder of magic wandering the lands in fear of persecution and prosecution . Most wielders of magic not chosen, succumb to self-indulgence and most often will be consumed by an errant spell well before they’ve learned to control their gift.

Magic Items

PC’s can expect to find only the most common of magic items in their day to day adventures. Only on those rare occasions when they venture deep into the bowls of some ancient temple or dungeon, can they expect to come across some item of extraordinary power. Magically imbued items including armor and weapons are common during these times but the best of the items are often prized possessions of their owners and are guarded literally with the possessors life. Occasionally there are powerful magical weapons or armor available for sale in shops or perhaps from private sellers. Those items are rare and are very expensive. Most mundane common magical items have been converted into their raw magical essence in order to craft other more powerful items and are generally only available as commissioned items from the artisan’s themselves.


Items with special magical abilities can be found within Kazerun but are extremely rare and are normally prized possessions. Most of these artifacts date back to the Mythric or even Dawn Era when magic was plentiful and the cosmos was new and untamed. In some cases the items were crafted by the gods themselves and in a few rare cases, it is said that the gods actually become the item.

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