Welcome to Azaban

Azaban is a totally home brewed campaign world designed to be used with Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition. The world of Azaban (pronounced: azz-a-bon) is divided into 5 major continents and has a rich and long history mostly centered around it’s largest and most populated continent, Kazerun.

While it’s history is deep and varied, there are stories yet to be written and plots yet to be uncovered. Step inside this amazing world and see what you can discover for yourself….

5 main continents

  • Kazerun (Central) (pronounced: Kaz-a-roon)
  • Tsoraz (East of Kazerun) (pronounced: sor-razz)
  • Uckapaax (Uninhabitable North) (pronounced: yuck-a-pax)
  • Rolharsa (West – Snake People) (pronounced: role-harsh-a)
  • Toriel (South – Mythical Elvish land) (pronounced: tore-e-el)
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