Aegis: Population 11,900, primarily human, some other civilized races. The city is a port city and sits on the banks of the Aronesa sea in the opening to the Gulf of Tsar in the Province of Noren. It is governed by a noble aristocrat, the human Lord Jenlesym, though a consortium of guild masters represents the real power.

Total population: 11900
Humans: 8787
Elves: 1198
Dwarves: 603
Halflings: 1167

Total guard:77

In addition, 145 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the City , and are overseen by 6 ordained priests.

Services in this City:
Inns: 8
Taverns: 29
Blacksmiths: 19
Healers: 7
Weaponsmiths: 6
Armorers: 6
*Magic Shops: 3
Booksellers: 2
Merchants: 8
Leatherworkers: 19
Tailors: 33
Jewelers: 6
Cobblers: 36
Fisheries: 10
Carpenters: 23
Masons: 17

*Magic Shops typically sell components, scroll paper, and such minor items – no “off the shelf” wands, staves, etc!

Local Factions:

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