Against the Gods

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Four individuals answered the call for help to the town of Aegis, a port city on the southern tip of the Kingdom of Noren. The city and the surrounding area has been plagued by bandit activity that had decimated the local economies. These bandits had been stealing entire caravans of goods destined to northern market cities. Even the local StormBlades garrison had fallen victim to these bandits as more and more of their men fell to the bandit’s blades.

Captain Dunhall, The StormBlades Garrison Commander in Aegis, sent out a call for any abled bodied adventurers to aid them in their time of need. Unbeknownst to these 4 individuals, fate had brought them together for the first time here in Aegis or at least Captain Dunhall thought so as he discovered that all four of them were born on the exact same day. Since each one of them had been adventuring on their own for 5 years or more and the fact that they all have the same birthday, Captain Dunhall forms them into “D” Squad (Delta Squad) and assigns them to protect the next caravan leaving town headed to the market city of Babrsheath.

The caravan and its newly assigned StormBlades escort leave Aegis on Tor 15 and is due into Babrsheath on Hanobak 12, just under 30 days. (Common Niau Calendar) If all goes well, the caravan will be back in Aegis on Leru 10.

All went well for the first few days and on the 12th day they reached the rendezvous point where the Aeusan merchant is waiting on them. Goods and pleasantries were exchanged and soon the caravan is moving northward again. A few miles down the road the caravan encountered a farmer in distress or so they thought. It was a bandit ambush and a battle soon began.

The 4 new StormBlades made quick work of the dozen or so bandits and discovered something odd, one of the bandits had a note on him about the caravan. It read


Strange everyone though but finally the caravan started moving again. They made good time and arrived at the Crossroads on Hanobak 6, the next stop on their Itinerary. They unloaded the half a wagon of merchandise to the Susune merchant and was under way once more. As the caravan was setting up camp and everyone was settling in they were attacked once again. The StormBlades made quick work of them once more and discovered yet another note on one of the bodies:


The caravan made it to Babrsheath without further incident on Hanobak 12, right on schedule. The group was met by another StormBlade, Lieutenant Varden. He was the Outpost captain for the Babrsheath market district. He thanked the group for their efforts in making sure the caravan arrived in Babrsheath safely. The group showed the Lieutenant the notes that they had recovered and then Lieutenant Varden dispatched 2 riders back to Aegis with the notes and orders to report to Captain Dunhall.

As the caravan was being unloaded and reloaded by the warehouse workers Krag, the caravan master, asked if the group would acquire some special spices for him from a local spice dealer just off the market square to the northeast. They agreed and no sooner had they stepped into the square than Cassi was pick-pocketed. The group spent several tense moments tracking down the thief and ultimately were successful in recovering Krag’s gold. They turned the little hoodlum over to local law enforcement and acquired Krag’s spices. They returned to the caravan just as it was ready to leave and then they spent 12 boring days south bound back to Aegis.

12 days out of Babrsheath, the caravan was again attacked at night. Again our group made little work of the bandits who did seem a lot more determined than ever to acquire the caravan’s goods. Shortly after the attack, the caravan packed up and headed south once more. With only a few days out from Aegis, morale was high and the mood was festive. They were about to do something that had not been accomplished in almost a year.

As the caravan exited the forested plateau just north of Aegis and began their descent into the valley, Aegis could be seen in the far distance with smoke rising from her chimneys. Our group spotted the welcoming committee headed their way but thought it odd to see smoke coming from the city this time of year. As the caravan passed by the bluffs, archers appeared above them. The welcoming committee coming from Aegis turned out not be a welcoming committee after all. The bandits were making one final bold attempt at acquiring the caravan of goods. Archers above them, thugs and magic casters from the south and 4 unknowns in the distance accompanying a large coach of some sort.

The battle was long and bloody. Arrows raining down on the caravan from above, magic missiles pounding them from the south. The group was pinned down and doing very little damage. Everyone was taking damage and a lot of it when 4 more riders were spotted headed their way.

StormBlades had been dispatched from Aegis and arrived in the nick of time. With renewed vigor and reinforcements from Aegis, the group cut down the ground troops. As the last thugs fell the group looked around and saw the archers gone and well as the large coach and the 4 unknowns.

[End of Play Session 1]



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